Melted Snow Man: Drench yourself in water and carry around two sticks, a scarf and a carrot.
Updated>> Got Milk?: Wear a sign that says “Got Milk?”. Paint a milk mustache over your lip with make-up or other non-toxic white substance.
Submitted by johncar
New>> Leafblower: Wear a baseball cap with a leaf dangling down in front of your face. When someone asks what you are, blow on the leaf.
Submitted by Jessica
Head in the Clouds: Stick cotton balls all over your hat or visor.
Submitted by Kathleen from Arlington Heights, Illinois
White Trash: Wear all white, and attach trash (i.e., milk cartons, paper, candy wrappers) all over yourself. Or step into a white trash bag overflowing with trash.
Submitted by FlyersHawk (similar idea submitted by Djw1175)
God’s Gift to Women: Wrap yourself like a present using romantic wrapping paper. Attach a large tag that says “From: GOD To: WOMEN”.
Submitted by Joel
Black-Eyed Pea: Take a fabric pen and draw or pin a giant “P” on a shirt. Put black makeup around one eye and you have become a “Black-Eyed P.”
Submitted by GillsCreek and also by Kelly Ann DeMauro
Babysitter: Strap a baby doll to your behind and sit on it.
Submitted by Sunny
Kangaroo: Tape a brown paper lunch bag to your stomach.
Submitted by Gwen Infusino
Sugar Daddy: Attach candy all over yourself.
Submitted by Baller
Devil’s Advocate: Wear buttons and carry signs that say “Devil is #1” and “Vote for Satan,” etc.Submitted by Vicki
Nudist on Strike: Dress in normal clothes and carry a sign that says “Nudist on Strike.”Submitted by KLK
Signs: Use foil wrap to make a pointy, Hershey Kiss-shaped hat to keep the aliens from reading your mind.Submitted by stormm303
Jackson Pollack Painting: Splatter drips of paint on your clothes and hang a picture frame around your neck (or just hold it up in front of you).Submitted by Jen
Updated>> Mucho DeNiro: Photocopy several pictures of Robert DeNiro and attach all over your body.Submitted by George McMurtry
Updated>> Johnny On The Spot: Wear a name tag that says “Johnny” (not necessary if your real name is Johnny). Create a circle out of cardboard or plastic, big enough to stand on. When someone asks you what you are, throw the circle on the floor and stand on it.Submitted by Ashleigh
First Class Male: Buy some stamps and paste them on your face or glue some onto an old shirt.
Chip on Your Shoulder: Dress in regular clothes, and glue a poker chip to your shoulder.Submitted by David S.
Hose Bag: Climb into a green/black garbage bag and wrap a garden hose around yourself.Submitted by Christine Grover
Chest of Drawers: Pin underwear to your shirt. Works best with a formal looking business suit.Submitted by Monica

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